Adelaida V. Severson, Ph.D., President/CEO

Adelaida V. Severson, Ph.D., is President and CEO of Bushtex, Inc. She founded Bushtex, Inc. with her husband Barry in 1994 as a satellite communications firm specializing in remote broadcast transmissions worldwide. In 2003, Dr. Severson became more involved with the marketing and operations of the company, helping to increase sales and visibility.

Severson’s diverse background includes public relations, broadcast journalism, marketing, events management, philanthropy, and satellite communications. Additionally, she teaches courses on International Communications at the university and corporate levels. She has over 20 years of experience in event coordination and broadcast satellite production. Severson, who was born and raised in Hawaii, has worked domestically and internationally in the broadcast television industry for eight years and later in higher education administration for 12 years. She started her career as a journalist and reporter, and eventually fell into the satellite broadcast industry while working in Los Angeles as the Operations Manager for Transvision, Inc. (formerly Vision Accomplished, Inc.). Her experience in the satellite industry includes coordinating televised NFL Super Bowl Games, the Summer and Winter Olympics since 1990, the first live legal depositions via satellite from Puerto Rico, and countless events around the United States and the world. As the Director of Special Events at Arizona State University, she coordinated and facilitated all special events, friend-raisers and fundraisers for the President’s Office. She was also instrumental in spearheading Senator Barry Goldwater’s funeral and Princess Anne’s visit to Phoenix, AZ. Severson has traveled to 34 countries, including Vietnam and Cuba and continues to consult on international communications strategies.

Severson graduated with a B.A. in Journalism and International Relations from the University of Southern California and received a Masters of Mass Communication and a Ph.D. in Public Administration from Arizona State University. She’s fluent in Spanish and conversational Mandarin.

Her community involvement includes serving as ASU Trustee; Governing Board of the Gilbert Public School District; National Cronkite Advisory Board; Board of Trustees for the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture; St. Anne Little Flower Montessori School Advisory Board; Gilbert Leadership Board (graduated from Class XIII); Vice President of the ASU Asian Alumni Chapter; a member of the International Society of Satellite Professionals; the Asian American Journalists Association; and the American Society of Public Administrators.

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Barry S. Severson, Principal and Vice President of Research and Development

Barry S. Severson is the Principal and Vice President of Research and Development for Bushtex, Inc. He handles all technical and engineering aspects of the company while devising and launching new technologies to improve upon serving the customer through satellite communication.

Severson has traveled to every corner of the world by plane, train, and boat in order to provide satellite transmissions for many historic events. In 1987, he started his career driving and operating transportable uplinks for major events within the United States. Most of the events were sports (PAC-10 Football games for all ABC, CBS, and NBC; Championship Boxing matches for HBO; Goodwill Games for Turner Broadcasting; Super Bowl Coverage for CBS; Top Rank Boxing and Golf for ESPN), news (Democratic and Republican Conventions and Presidential Elections for all networks; live coverage of events for CNN) or entertainment (Grateful Dead Concert for Pay-Per-View; HBO Comic Relief).

In 1991, the Gulf War presented Severson the opportunity to take his knowledge internationally and was signed on as a freelancer for CBS News in Amman, Jordan. This was the beginning of a very long trip.

From there, Severson’s passport was stamped from places all over the globe, including India, Mozambique, South Africa, Haiti, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Malaysia and Afghanistan. During these travels, he was mainly in field operations handling logistics and engineering of both international and domestic C- and Ku-Band digital and analog satellite uplinks and downlinks through flyaway kits and mobile units. From Formula One Races in Australia, Malaysia and Brazil to civil unrest in former Bosnia-Herzgovina, Rwanda and former Zaire to UEFA Championship League Football in Bucharest, Romania to a Larry King Live interview with the Dalai Lama at his residence in India to the first ever live broadcast from the Titanic for the Discovery Channel, Severson has seen it all. In addition, he built temporary antennas for long-term events like the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia and the 2002 World Cup in Seoul, Korea. Temporary and permanent installations of antennas up to 9M are all in a day’s work. Severson graduated from the University of South Dakota with a B.A. Fine Arts (Mass Communication).

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