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Case study #1


The National Weather Service wanted to upgrade and add satellite transmissions to their existing operations in various parts of the country.


Bushtex, Inc. built and installed permanent systems both on the ground and on rooftops to ensure the weather service was up and running, no matter the climate or terrain.

Case study #2


The U.S. National Guard wanted to view coverage in remote parts of Alaska using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Line-of-site coverage was not an option due to the mountainous terrain in the region.


Bushtex, Inc. built, licensed, and operated a temporary ground station to transmit and receive data from the airplane to the various Federal agencies that needed the information. In fact, it was the first ever and groundbreaking UAV flight that covered such terrain and Bushtex, Inc. made it happen!


From providing communications in disaster areas to building temporary ground stations for the transmission and reception of data from unmanned vehicles, we help make things run smoothly.

  • Build, integrate and operate temporary and permanent ground stations
  • Install, operate and maintain antennas (3.8M and above is our specialty)
  • Procure satellite space segment (C-band, Ku-band, Ka-band and X-band)
  • Specialize in remote and high conflict areas
  • Provide disaster relief communications
  • Operate both domestically and internationally

GSA Schedule

Contract Number: GS35F-0546R
Contract Period: May 4, 2020
Schedule: General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services SIN(S) – Subject to Cooperative Purchasing;

  • 132 132-3 – Leasing of Products
  • 132 132-4 – Daily/Short Term Rental
  • 132 132-52 – Electronic Commerce Services
  • 132 132-54 – Transponder Capacity

Products and services are also available on the GSA Advantage site! &

Government Agencies Include

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