4 Way Power Divider

Low PIM 4 Way N Power Divider From 698 MHz to 2.7 GHz Rated at 30 Watts

4 way type N power divider (also known as a type N coaxial power splitter) is rated for a minimum frequency of 698 MHz and a maximum frequency of 2.7 GHz. The 4 port N type power divider / coaxial splitter has a 50 Ohm impedance and a maxium input power of 30 Watts. Our type N coaxial RF splitter / divider has a female type N input and 4 female type N output ports.This 4 way type N RF power divider from Pasternack is a wilkinson design and has a maximum insertion loss of 0. The maximum input VSWR of this N type wilkinson splitter / divider is and the minimum isolation is 20 dB. This wilkinson 4 way N type female coaxial RF power divider splitter can be bought and shipped worldwide the same-day as with Pasternack’s other in-stock RF parts.
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