Understanding that time is money and a quick response is a necessity, we can provide real-time meetings or conferencing for companies with multiple locations. In addition, these meetings can be encrypted on the satellite so they are as private as being behind closed doors. Just tell us where, when and what, and we can take it from there.

What Bushtex did for them . . .

Case Study #1


A client was upgrading their telecommunications system and needed backup support until their new system went online.


Bushtex, Inc. created a temporary system for them using satellite communications, a 6.1M antenna, and backup equipment to create uninterrupted service for the client. A month later and upon confirmation that the client was up and running on their new system, Bushtex, Inc. de-rigged their system and went on to help another client with the same need.

Case Study #2


A client in Los Angeles was in need of event production to include a live broadcast of the event to their offices in Singapore.


Bushtex, In.c not only planned the event for the client both in Los Angeles and Singapore, but they ensured that the Singapore employees were a part of it as well by telecasting the event via satellite on both ends. Even though the offices were thousands of miles apart, they were linked in real time for the duration of the event – making it seem like they were just in the next room!

Our Enterprise Clients

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