June 19, 2006

Bushtex, Inc. a satellite communications company based in Gilbert, Arizona, assisted the US Navy Trident Warrior program taking place at Lockheed Martin’s Global Vision Center in San Diego, California last week. The Global Vision Center is used for engineering, and is a top experimentation resource for research, and development for communications, computers, and more.

The Trident Warrior Experiment focused on the technologies designed to provide better situational awareness to all levels of the naval decision making chain of command. Bushtex provided a high speed IP based data transfer via satellite as well as command and control of the UAV over satellite during the program. All signals passed through the new Bushtex BTX system, which allowed Lockheed (the end-user) to control the UAV from the Global Vision Center. This is the first time an unmanned aerial vehicle has been controlled over a double hop circuit like this. It provided a flawless transfer of information and data to and from the GVC to the aircraft. Barry Severson, founder of Bushtex, Inc. stated, We are excited to be able to provide groundbreaking technology for such an extensive and dynamic project.

Bushtex, Inc. specializes in remote satellite transmissions, providing technical operations and crews to build, produce, originate and transmit information through satellite communication, video, audio, IP Data, Voice Data. Bushtex specializes in remote areas of the world (even at sea) to transmit and receive information for professional broadcast, enterprise and Internet content delivery. To receive more information about Bushtex and the services they provide visit their website.

Stephanie Siozos
Bushtex, Inc.
(480) 471-6688

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