From The Cursor (An annual alumni magazine produced by University of Arizona’s School of Journalism) 

“You can learn about broadcasting all day long, but if you don’t have that practical experience – touch the buttons and all that – then you don’t have the full experience of being a broadcaster,” – Adelaida Severson

When Adelaida Severson was a child growing up in Hawaii, her mom had her own radio show for the Filipino community working on the plantations. Severson decided to follow in her mom’s footsteps, so she majored in journalism and international relations at the University of Southern California. Years later, as a successful entrepreneur and industry leader in the Satellite Communications field, Adelaida has not forgotten her journalistic roots from her time in university.

In 2021, Adelaida and Barry Severson gifted The Severson Family Broadcasting/Podcasting Studio and Lab to the University of Arizona School of Journalism. This generous gift will allow aspiring journalists to gain experience using industry-standard equipment. This new state of the art facility will have a huge impact on thousands of students, including the 400 students studying journalism, broadcasting, and podcasting, as well as students working for UATV-3 student television and elsewhere in student media.

The full article and magazine can be accessed here (Article begins on Page 12):


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