DECEMBER 2013 – With various federal agencies needing information from surrounding remote parts of Alaska, the U.S. National Guard needed assistance and they knew exactly who to call – Bushtex, Inc.

Due to the mountainous Alaskan terrain, line-of-sight coverage was not an option. However, Bushtex knew that aerial coverage in the region was still a possibility. Using a temporary ground station they built, licensed and operated, Bushtex was able to transmit and receive data from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Directly to the U.S. Government entities that required the vital information. This flight, the first-ever UAV flight, was a ground-breaking endeavor for the U.S. National Guard and the U.S. Government and Bushtex made it happen. Proving once again that from providing communications in disaster areas to building temporary ground stations for the transmission and reception of data from unmanned vehicles, Bushtex can always be counted on to help make things run smoothly.

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